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Sunday, June 11, 2006

This Is Your Brain On Music

I walked into a room and two scientists were talking. And the first scientist said...actually I have no idea what the first scientist said. When I hear two scientists talking I leave the room. Quickly.Itchy Brains
But the scientists over at physorg.com have an interesting article on a Dartmouth study which finds, among other things, that a catchy song will make your brain itch. Doesn't even have to be a song you enjoy. Nope, it'll make your brain itch and the "only way the itch can be scratched is by listening to the song." Over and over again.
Cliff Richard used to make my brain itch all the time in the seventies. Hall & Oates always had catchy songs, but the king of music brain itch was Cliff Richard. There was an Australian band, Sherbet, that probably sent the Aussie kids into repeated brain itching deliriums, but they only had one shot at it here in the US.
Get ready to scratch.


Cliff Richard - Wired For Sound
Sherbet - Howzat


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