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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday Scavengings

I enjoy Saturday morning garage sales. Chance to get out the house. Meet
some neighbors. Buy their stuff for less than it's worth. Hopefully,
much less.
I picked up some records...a Righteous Brothers album on Verve, that could
be good. Found the Johnny Nash Hold Me Tight album on JAD. That was a
brand-new sound for most of us in 1968...the first infusion of reggae into
American pop music.
But best find this morning was a sweet mid-50s Phillips console radio with
turntable in a very nice small cherry cabinet. Got the AM. Got the Shortwave.
Got the Ship-To-Shore Band. I've been listening for an hour and haven't heard
any sailors. I think I'll leave the radio part intact, and add an FM receiver, a
CD player, and maybe some sort of mp3 input like an ipod docking station.
That would be cool. Advice from anyone who has ever updated a console is


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