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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nervous Kats & Kitties

It seems sometimes, no matter what fancy footwork you employ, you just can't help but step in a big, hot, steaming pile of good fortune. I know! It happened to me!
There was a time when a band could become quite large in their own small world. Back before the homogenized national media and the national merchandisers a band could play every weekend and build legions of fans, but remain remain virtually unknown outside their local market.
In my neighborhood that band was Bailey's Nervous Kats. These guys owned northern California in the late '50's and early '60's. They packed 'em in from Sacramento to the Oregon border. Of course I was a baby, so I only know what the old-timers tell me. And many of them had measurable brain-loss in the sixties. Ace Records (one of the world's great record labels, based out of London) has a wonderful CD of 26 Nervous Kat cuts, well worth owning.Nervous Kats Rule!
But for me, nothing works like the real thing. Which brings us back to my unavoidable good fortune. Yesterday, while thumbing through a box of dusty 45s over at the house of a collector friend, this cat jumped right up into my hand.
"Dude!" I said, "This is Bailey's Nervous Kats!" To which the owner of the box of records replied, "So, you want it? Take it."
As a general rule we don't take in strays anymore...we already have enough cats. But this sweet kitty came home with me.


Bailey's Nervous Kats f/ Robert Smith - Traveling Sam


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