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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Money's No Object

I think I get a pretty good sound from my set-up, which is by no means a high-dollar affair. For a turntable I have a 20 -year-old Kenwood KD 64F...a mid-level unit with linear tracking. Nothing fancy. Could probably buy one used for $10. I run into my old Yamaha receiver that I've had forever. Patch out of the headphone jack and into the line input of my computer's sound card. I record it on some dandy free multitrack software from Audacity. Get a basic set-up like that and you can make mp3s all day.
I stopped into the neighborhood second-hand store today. Primary purpose was the search for some picture frames for a new project. Of course, my eyes popped when I saw the new box of old records they had acquired. Turned out to be mostly Southern Baptist gospel though, so no big excitement for me. But about halfway through the box was a real nice copy of the 1969 debut album from It's A Beautiful Day, featuring White Bird. I've always thought that was one of the prettiest songs of its era and I love the cover art. Got it home and dropped a needle on it. Wonderful. Well worth the quarter I spent for it.


It's A Beautiful Day - White Bird


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