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Monday, May 29, 2006

Good Music

I've been listening to music for a long time. Good music. The kind they play on the radio. Pre-ipod radio. I don't recall the first song I remember hearing, but it was either She Loves You by The Beatles or Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. Both those songs still knock me out.
Recently, I've become engrossed (entangled? enmeshed? ensnared?) with transferring my sizeable record collection to digital. I've got lots of songs I haven't listened to in years. Lots of songs on scratchy old vinyl records. But amazingly, I can take my old vinyl, transfer the songs to digital, clean out the clicks and pops, and TA-DA!...its like the first time I ever heard them.
I play them over and over chuckling to myself at my wondrous abilities. I play them for my kids, who dance with faux glee. I play them for my neighbors, who demand their borrowed tools back. I play them for my dog, who continues his lickfest with the sack where his nuts used to live.

And Now I Play Them For You!


The Beatles - She Loves You
Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire


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